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 my application

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PostSubject: my application   Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:50 am

hi hi everyone!

Name: Ami (real name)
IGN: AmiYumi
class: 140 FB
honor rank: 5

hi everyone my name is Ami Miki Furashi just moved to america in february, i took alot of english lessons so my english wouldnt be terrible although i do slip up sometimes.

i love anime/plushies/american cartoons i have over 40 plushies on my bed at the moment: my favorite movies include, all disney and pixar, V for vendetta, Avatar, ponyo (anything studio ghibli)

ive played some MMOs but not much Fiesta/Perfect world and cabal i love boss hunting
the thrill of killing a boss excites me

thank you and hopefully i get in cant w8!

recomendations: kealie/xBioHazardX/Jeazyyy/Elyon
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my application
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