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PostSubject: Appication   Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:23 pm

Hi everyone in Seireitei... well ill left my information here since im ahving some problems when i try to go to the index where the real applicants should posts , sry Razz

IGN: xTheSeventhSonx
Class:FA LVL: 152 Honor Rank: 8 (kinda low lol)

Im originally from argentina , but i moved to America last year , so dont get mad with me if my english sucks a lil bit Razz.I'm 20 years old and im a really friendly guy.

I've played a lot of MMORPGs before , like MU online , Tibia , Tantra Extreme and Dragonica ( lol on that one )(and cabal online obviously)

Well .. in cabal i've been in Thoose guilds:

(and in a few others when i was a nub xD)

I wanna join seireitei because its a really organized guild, and i like that ... i heard you run dungeons as a team , wich i really love to do ... and boss hunt ofcourse.

IDK if i can help a lot in guild since ill be one of the nubest guys in guild , but i can craft Katanas (im only at titanium yet but im planing to make a not failed proof sometime and go to s.tit ) What a Face .
Well about the dungeons im the kind of FA that its really into the healing thing cuz i cant deal too much dmg so i focus on that.

Thats pretty much all i can say , if u need anything else just tell me and ill reply ^^.

Hope i can join the guild and join you guys!! laterz!!
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